1. The Very Most Starry Eyed Cadet
    The Very Most / Starry Eyed Cadet

  2. Afloat
    Strawberry Generation

  3. Signal and Noise

  4. Lost and Found
    Sugar World

  5. Distant Lights EP
    The Suncharms

  6. Distant Lights
    The Suncharms

  7. Something Beautiful

  8. Innocence of Protection
    Fawns of Love

  9. Lost You Long Ago
    The Arctic Flow

  10. Beautiful Noise

  11. Songs from Summer Lane
    The Proctors

  12. L I P S EP
    L I P S

  13. Shelter (the Album)

  14. Memories To Hold
    The Arctic Flow

  15. A Sugar Christmas
    Sugar World

  16. Insomniac Dreams
    Teen Idle

  17. Somewhere In England

  18. Quoting Salter
    Lost Tapes

  19. Atlantic
    They Go Boom!!

  20. Recollections
    Strawberry Generation

  21. Songs About Our Past Vol 3

  22. Happy Sunday 10" Flexi

  23. Beyond Tomorrow
    They Go Boom!!

  24. Silhouettes
    The Proctors

  25. Always On Your Side EP
    Red Sleeping Beauty

  26. She Loves The Birds EP
    The Memory Fades

  27. Goodbye Oceana
    The Arctic Flow

  28. Star Kisses And Rain Wishing
    Bulldozer Crash

  29. A Sunday Records Compilation

  30. "Insta" Sunday Bundle

  31. Checklist For Love

  32. I Started A Joke EP

  33. Horn Rim Fury EP

  34. You Can't Undo What's Already Undid
    Safe Home

  35. Rolling Meadows (Songs About Our Past Vol 2)

  36. Breaking Up EP

  37. Small Lives EP
    The Liberty Ship

  38. Travel In Time EP
    Safe Home

  39. Sunny Sunday Smile Vol 2

  40. Strictly Melonhead EP
    The Melons

  41. Sing Little Clam Sing EP

  42. Shelter

  43. L I P S EP (Japanese Edition)

  44. Icelandic
    The Proctors

  45. The Original Sunny Sunday Smile

  46. The Ruby Lounge
    They Go Boom!!

  47. Souls To The Devil EP
    The Pristines

  48. French Blue EP

  49. Shelter

  50. Give Your Heart Another Day EP

  51. Window Pane EP
    Sugar Plant

  52. Moon Song 7"
    The Proctors

  53. Rare Sunday Records Test Pressing 7"

  54. Albie EP 7"
    Fat Tulips

  55. Sparkle

  56. Sea Anemon EP

  57. Snapdragon 7"

  58. Never Lost

  59. Smile EP 7"
    Red Sleeping Beauty

  60. Change EP
    Mrs Kipling

  61. Surround EP
    Kitten Factor

  62. Sunday Flexi
    St.Christoper, PO!, Balloon Farm, Applicants

  63. A New Beginning 7”
    The Sweetest Ache

  64. Birthday
    Dolores Haze

  65. International Pop Star
    Watercolor Sunset

  66. Automatic Smile EP
    Bulldozer Crash

  67. Holly and IV EP

  68. Kimberley Somebody
    The Pristines

  69. Slow Girl
    Safe Home

  70. Goose
    Safe Home

  71. Europe Not So Far EP
    Mosaic Eyes

  72. Deep Water

  73. Imperfection
    Bulldozer Crash

  74. The Original Songs About Our Past

  75. Pinstripes & Englishmen
    The Proctors

  76. Tokidoki

  77. Teen Fraud Pop Whore
    The Pristines

  78. Bus Stop Records

  79. Parasol Singles

  80. Waaaaaaaaah!

  81. Heaven Records


Sunday Records Chicago, Illinois

An IndiePop Label founded in 1990, Chicago, IL

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